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Alte Innbrücke

The Inn River meanders through three northern European countries on its way to the Black Sea. A structure that once spanned a waterway in Austria inspired the citizens of a market town to name their community Innsbruck, which means Inn’s bridge. The river crossing has been an important part of a trade route through the Brenner Pass for centuries. Known as Alte Innbrücke, the wooden bridge was constructed in the late 11th century. The city seal and coat of arms features the image of another bridge, which Innsbruck constructed to replace the original structure in 1267 AD.

The modern structure that spans the river today is known as the Old Bridge (German: Alte Innbrücke) because it occupies the same location as the historic bridges that preceded it. The reinforced structure is designed to support vehicle and pedestrian traffic. A crucifix with Christ on the cross is prominently positioned on the bridge near the keeper’s home, which continues a tradition from the Middle Ages.

Old Bridge
Alte Innbrücke (Image 1 - Credit: Teresa luna victoria)
Alte Innbrücke (Image 2 - PD)
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Alte Innbrücke