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Nordkette Cable Car

The Nordkette cable (German: Nordkettenbahn) car offers one of the best ways to view the majestic Nordkette Mountain range in Innsbruck. Designed by well-known architect Zaha Hadid in 2002, this cable car will provide you with phenomenal views of one of the most breathtaking points in the region. Within just a twenty-minute ride from the Old Town, you can make the fascinating journey from the commercial center of Innsbruck to the top of this rugged mountain range. Perhaps nowhere else in the world is there such a fine line between a rustic mountain area and a sophisticated urban area.

A visit to the top of the Nordkette will provide you with memorable views that simply cannot be seen anywhere else. After reaching the top of the 1,000-feet Hungerburg station, you will be able to look down and take in a breathtaking view of the town of Innsbruck. Beyond the sheer beauty of the view, perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of this summit is the fact that it is cloud-free most of the year.

Board the cable car Seegrube, and you can travel an additional 6,250 feet within just a few minutes. From that point, you can take in fabulous views of Middle Inn Valley, Zillertal Valley Alps, the Stubai, and the Wipptal Valley. In fact, from this vantage point, you can actually see into Italy. After looking to your heart’s content, take a respite and treat yourself to a meal at Alpenlounge Seegrube.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous and wish to travel even higher, take advantage of the opportunity to travel to the 7,401-feet Hafelekar. From here, you can enjoy the opportunity to experience a highly populated valley contrasted by the wilderness Karwendel Alpine Park. The readily apparent visual contrasts will provide you with memories you will not soon forget.

Nordkettenbahn (Image 1 - Credit: Veit Mueller)
Nordkettenbahn (Image 2 - Credit: Hafelekar)
Nordkettenbahn (Image 3 - Credit: PD)
Nordkettenbahn (Image 4 - Credit: Hafelekar)
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