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The Hofgarten in Innsbruck, Austria has served as a green Oasis for locals and tourists for the past 200 years. It is located in the heart of Innsbruck adjacent to the imperial palace. The cool green grasses and lush landscapes combine with a spirited nightlife to make hoffgarten a major attraction in the city.

Hofgarten is the final legacy of the House of Hapsburg. Empress Maria Theresa transformed the 25 acres from a waterlogged meadow into a lush formal garden. The design has changed dramatically three times. Hofgarten was originally solely for the pleasure of Austrian royalty and their guests. The last transformation from a French formal garden to an English landscape garden coincided with the garden opening for public use.

The history of the garden is intrinsically tied up with the history of Austria. Some of the garden’s oldest trees were set in the ground by Empress Maria Theresa. A monument to Archduke Eugene was erected by the front entrance to the garden in 1957. The conception and design of the monument are the handy work of renowned Austrian architect Clemens Holzmeister.

Guests to the garden will be impressed by the stunning landscapes set against the mountains visible on the horizon. The elegantly landscaped flowerbeds and rolling green lawns are intertwined with pathways that invite a leisurely stroll. Benches surround the peaceful ponds that are inhabited by ducks, and several species of Alpine birds live in the old trees. Visitors may be treated to the sight of one of the garden’s ring-necked parakeets that fly freely through Hofgarten. A palm house in the center of the garden keeps rare and exotic plants in a tropical climate all year round. A pavilion built in 1733 houses frequent concerts. The restaurant in the garden serves traditional Tyrolean fare by day and at night becomes a popular nightclub where people party well into the early morning hours. Other attractions include a butterfly house and two life-sized chessboards with 3 foot high pieces.

Hofgarten (Image 1 - Credit: Pakery)
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Hofgarten (Image 3 - Credit: Andrew Bossi)
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