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Tyrolean State Museum

The Ferdinandeum, also known as the Tyrolean State Museum, is situated in the heart of Innsbrook, Austria. This sprawling art and culture complex has continued to thrive since it was founded in 1823. Named after Archduke Ferdinand, it is one of the oldest national museums in the world (established during the Austro-Hungarian Empire).

The unique facade of the museum is modeled after Renaissance architecture. It is comprised of seven primary collections, including prehistoric artifacts, Romanesque arts and crafts, a collection of musical instruments from The Netherlands, a library chronicling the history of the Tyrol, a look at the technical achievements of Tyrol, a natural history collection and a superior collection of Dutch paintings.

Highlights of the various collections at The Ferdinandeum include works of art by Rembrandt van Rijn, Michael Pacher and Lucas Cranach der Ältere, musical instruments used by Jakob Stainer and a bowl dating back to the Turkish dynasty of the Artuqids.

These expansive collections are supplemented by tours, special exhibitions, concerts and educational events that emphasize the unparalleled level of commitment The Ferdinandeum has toward showcasing art and culture in Austria.

As the museum continues to expand, it also has undergone extensive renovation, with the most recent renovation completed in 2003.

Curated by the renowned Wolfgang Meighörner, the primary function of The Ferdinandeum is to spotlight the history of Tyrol region, from its inception in the Upper Paleolithic era to the country of Tyrol's dissolution after World War I. All of the art and culture that defines this region is on display to enjoy for those that appreciate exhibits with a universal vision and a distinctively European flair.

Tyrolean State Museum (Image 1 - Credit: Andrew Bossi)
Tyrolean State Museum Ca. 1898 (Image 2 - PD)
Ferdinandeum (Image 3 - PD)
Ferdinandeum (Image 4 - PD)
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