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St. Anna's Column

One of the most interesting and noticeable landmarks on the Innsbruck, Austria skyline is St. Anna’s Column. This column was erected on St. Ann’s Day in July 1703 to commemorate the historic liberation of the region from Bavarian troops during the Spanish War of the Succession. The column was built in a convenient, highly trafficked area of town on Maria-Theresien Street by Christoforo Bendetti, a famed Italian sculptor.

St. Anna’s Column is a must-see landmark for any visitor’s trip to Innsbruck. In addition to its historic significance, the statue itself is an impressive vision. Its towering presence boasts a red marble column with a Corinthian style. While the statue’s name is derived from the day the column was dedicated, a statue of St. Mary stands on top of the column. Angelic cherubs surround the central area of the column, and the base of the statue is surrounded by statues of Saints George, Ann, Kassian and Vigilus.

In 1706, Prince Bishop of Brixen Kaspar Ignaz Count Kunigl took the opportunity to bless the statue. It remained relatively untouched for centuries until it was renovated in 1958. During this renovation, the statue of Saint Mary at the top of the column was replaced by a duplicate statue borrowed from the Abbey of St. Georgenberg. However, the original Saint Mary statue was restored to its former position in October 2009.

Many locals and visitors alike visit St. Anna’s Column to admire its beauty. While the grassy area surrounding the statue is small, it is common to see visitors relaxing at the base of the statue. This is a lovely, historic monument to pay tribute to on a trip to Innsbruck, Austria.

Annasäule (Image 1 - Credit: Andrew Bossi)
Annasäule (Image 2 - Credit: Andrew Bossi)
Annasäule (Image 3 - Credit: Andrew Bossi)
Annasäule (Image 4 - PD)
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St. Anna's Column