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Innsbruck Alpine Zoo

Visit the exciting world of wildlife at the impressive Alpine Zoo in Innsbruck, Austria. The zoo makes its home on the slope above the historic city of Innsbruck, at the foot of the picturesque Nordkette mountain range. With more than 150 different animal species and over 2000 individual animals total, children and parents alike are sure to enjoy all the Alpine Zoo has to offer.

The zoo opened its doors to the public on September 22, 1962 and as a non-profit organization has a fourfold mission of education, research, conservation, and providing adventure. Through specialized exhibits and observing the animals, the zoo allows visitors to learn all about Alpine critters and creatures and their respective habitats. The zoo is considered to be Europe’s highest zoo, at an elevation of 727 meters above sea level. It is the only zoo specifically devoted to Alps wildlife, ensuring you and your family a unique, informative, and thrilling experience. The zoo receives an average of 300,000 visitors each year and has become one of the most important landmarks in the Tyrol area.

There is so much to see at the Innsbruck Alpine Zoo, from the quirky little harvest mice to the distinctive Northern Bald Ibis to the colorful Alpine fish swimming around the aquarium. Watching the spirited otters and the beautiful brown bears will definitely create lasting memories. The Alps are home to a wide range of plants, furry mammals, majestic birds, scaly amphibians, and crawling insects. The Alpine Zoo, with its modern enclosures and terrariums, provides an exciting introduction to all the wondrous Alpine flora and fauna.

Spending the day at the zoo is a perfect outing for families and tourists. Enjoy walking through the various indoor and outdoor enclosures to see the animals up close and personally. Parents can relax while children run around and discover all the playful wonders at the Bear Playground, complete with “bear cave” and “wolf’s den” for them to explore. During the later summer months the Alpine Zoo offers evening tours guided by knowledgeable biologists and animal specialists for an especially fun and informative look at all the Alpine wildlife.

Alpenzoo Innsbruck
Innsbruck Alpine Zoo (Image 1 - Credit: Böhringer Friedrich)
Innsbruck Alpine Zoo (Image 2 - PD)
Innsbruck Alpine Zoo (Image 3 - PD)
Innsbruck Alpine Zoo (Image 4 - Credit: Eva)
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