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Austrian Alpine Club and Museum

Located in Innsbruck Hofburg, the Austrian Alpine Club and Museum offers visitors a chance to look back at the history of alpinism. The history of the museum dates back to 1911 when it first opened in Munich. Both the German and Austrian Alpine Clubs were responsible for organizing the museum. In 1944, the museum was destroyed by shelling. Luckily, most of the collection had been removed from the museum. Until 1977, the museum sat dormant. With the help of the Alpine Club, the museum opened its doors in Innsbruck Hofburg. At first, the museum only occupied one floor of the club. By 1996, the entire Alpine Club featured exhibits from world famous artists. In 2002, the club featured an exhibit known as Year of the Mountains. This was the first time that the public had been able to view the historic exhibit. The exhibit is still featured today.

Innsbruck Alpine Museum (Image 1 - Credit: Harald Hofer)

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Image 1 Credit: Harald Hofer | This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Austria.

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